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Worlds for the wanderers

Making Worlds

We don’t make games. We make worlds. Worlds for the nomads. The curious. The travelers and the pioneers. The stargazers and the wanderers. The night in with a good book types. The weekday matinee by yourself types. We put story and place into the driver seat so you can plug in your headphones, and lose yourself in the adventure.

We are Wayward.

Our Team

Christine Clark

Business & Production

Christine has been a key player in the business of digital for years. Christine has landed and produced award-winning projects and campaigns for agencies, brands, and entertainment studios. More recently, Fox’s The Gifted interactive installation, VikingsVR (History Channel), Warner Brothers’ Justice League Site, and campaign.

Matt Marshall

Art & Technology

Matt is a talented Game & Creative Director with experience spanning art, design, and technology. Matt's combined role of designer and developer has worked on Biba, Anthymn, and The Veil. Matt has taught AR/VR design & development at Ryerson University, was the Grand Prize winner of Microsoft and NASA’s Hacking Mars project in 2015, and completed an artist residency at Kollafoss in Iceland in 2017.

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 The Veil

The Veil

Immersive mobile adventure into the frozen abyss.

Finalist, Best Indie Game, Canadian Videogame Awards
Third Prize, Unity Game Development Competition

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Hacking Mars

Hacking Mars

Celebrating the release of The Martian

Grand Prize Winner, Hacking Mars, Microsoft / NASA


Unannounced Title

PC & Console

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